Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rain in Florida

Yesterday we went to the city as we had some time in the morning before Otto went to work and also because we needed to start the process of our marrige. (I will write about it in another post a bit later. :) )

The weather was very nice and by the time we got into the restaurant where Otto works part-time, I was sweating heavily. I couldn't wait to get inside a building which has air-condition. 

I finally met Cathy (Otto's boss and the owner of the restaurant.) I haven't met her since 2010 so you can imagine how happy we were to catch up a bit at last. I say 'a bit' as she is always very, (literally) very busy. She is a really nice, warm-hearted person who treats Otto as her own son. I am really thankful for her for that.

Before I go into details with Thai food (food again...), I rather post some pictures about the rain here. I hope that the pictures can report the weather which turns rainy in 5 seconds.

Otto started to work at 11 am so I decided to look around in Coral Gables where the restaurant is until they close at 3pm. It was sunny with a couple of light clouds when I entered Ross's (department store). When I came out of the store this was the view I had:

I was standing at the crosswalk for a minute or so, the light turned green, I crossed the street and... started raining crazily. I had to stop under a huge umbrella that a store had on the front otherwise I would get soaked to skin. 

The rain was over in 5 minutes, the sky cleared and we had this view again:

What they say here is that: 'If you don't like the weather (in Florida), wait another minute...

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