Friday, August 16, 2013

Avocado tree - Seed and sprouting

I decided to start to sprout some avocado seeds for my future garden. It took 4 weeks for the first seed to start and show some roots. I am super-happy now as the process has already begun and yesterday I saw the first part of the tiny roots of my new plant. It is very exciting to see when a new life come into existence on your windowsill. Can't wait to show you the steps of the journey in the future.

That is how the plant looks like when it is ready to be in the soil.

I put some seeds into a cup with some water that has to be changed and refilled once in a while. You can also see some wooden sticks which help the seed not to sink in the water but stay above it.

Here is the first root coming out of one of the seeds. Lovely! :)


  1. Looks cool...reminds me of all of the plants in our apartment right now. It is starting to look like a jungle since Nuno started planting a whole bunch of vegetables! :D I will send you some pictures in an email this weekend...

  2. Oh, nice! I didn`t know he has green fingers! Can`t wait to see the pictures!