Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fruit and Spice park in Homestead

On Labor Day this year we went to the Fruit and Spice Park in Homestead.
It was an excellent day, I loved it so much. We learnt a lot about plants, spices, fruit, their origin and how we can use them in the kitchen or in our every day lives.
Here are some pictures of the many we took before the rain came. :)

I tried to write the names of the plants and fruit under each picture but there are some that I already forgot since yesterday. However, I will look into some information and intend to find and update the names that now I possibly don't know.

Me and the jackfruit.

Edible and now green bananas.

Lufa we use in the bathroom. Yes, it looks like some pumpkin.

Monster deliciosa.

African sausage tree (the flowers).

African sausage tree.

The park with almost 200 types of mango trees.

Jackfruit, my favorite.


Green lemon.



Water lilly

Star fruit.


The lufa again. The brown plant is that we use in the shower or in the kitchen.

Non-edible pink bananas.

Bread fruit.


Eki, the poisonous fruit.

Otto and the bananas right before the thunderstorm.



Bay rum leaves. They use it for Old Spice.


  1. This place looks beautiful!! My favourite flower from here is the water lilly... :)

  2. Yes, it was gorgeous and so quiet and calming. :)