Monday, September 30, 2013

After a relatively long silence


Sorry for the relatively long silence but we were really busy with our moving process. It took more than a week if I want to count the days spent with cleaning, painting, cleaning, packing, moving, unpacking, killing each other, buying stuff, searching for stuff, buying furniture, moving furniture, building furniture (we love you, IKEA)....and cleaning again.

But now we are kinda settled in, we have cable (after fighting for 2 weeks with Comcast...) but no internet still. 

Besides all these troubles, I had to start my balcony gardening project.

Here are some photos of the plants that started to sprout and grow for my greatest pleasure.

Avocado trees

Avocado trees, again


Lemon trees

Tiny tomatoes


Sweet basil plants

Hundreds of dill plants


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