Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Old glasses turned into new glasses

Hello Guys,

Today`s post is about home decoration. As now we have our own place, I will write more and more posts about decorative processes. I will try to be creative and will try to put down everything step by step.

My (first) project (documented on my blog) here is how to turn old glasses into new, nice looking, decorative glasses/vases.

We always go to Home Depot these days and buy Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray Paint. It has good quality for a reasonable price.

You don`t have to do anything else just:

1. choose the glasses you wish to use (try different shapes and sizes)
2. clean the glasses (I soaked them in water with vinegar and soda bicarbonate)
3. remove any remaining glue, sticker, paper from the surface of the glass
4. dry it well (your paint will not stick if the glass is wet)
5. go outside (!!!!) because your entire room will have the color of your nice looking glass. spray paint is not home-friendly :), it stains its surrounding surfaces
6. even if you go outside, you should put down newspapers all around the place for an easier clean-up. also, put heavy objects on the papers because the wind comes and will not stop until it blows your entire project far away and/or the newspaper sticks on the wet surface of the glass:)
7. use gloves (you have to protect your skin and your nails)
8. use mask so you will not inhale the spray paint
9. do not forget to shake the paint bottle before using it
10. very important: work fast! always move the surface you paint or the spray bottle otherwise your paint will be dripping (own experience :) )
11. wait until the first coat of paint is dry and spray the surface again for better coverage
12. wait until your work dries completely (and some more) so your decoration will not be smelly inside your home


Hope you like them! 


  1. :) Give it a try, so easy and it looks sooo good anywhere in the apartment.

  2. :) Give it a try, so easy and it looks sooo good anywhere in the apartment.

  3. i imagine myself doing it with the girls :-D