Monday, May 5, 2014

How to start growing pineapple

Hello Everyone!

Today's post is about pineapples and the propagation method. I have always dreamed of a pineapple plant that I can watch growing. I searched for relevant information on the net for a while now and I finally bought some pineapples to start the journey. The journey that has been successful so far. I have the proof :)

Check the pictures and then read about the step-by-step instructions of how to do it.
The best part is that no matter where you live and what seasons you have as you can do everything indoors too.

   Pick out a fresh pineapple from a supermarket. The skin on the fruit should be golden brown and firm to the touch that is how you can tell if a pineapple is ready for propagation. It needs to be ripe (firm to the touch) in order to produce another pineapple.

    You can slice off the top of the pineapple and the excess fruit around the root. Alternatively, you can twist the leaves off the top of the pineapple. You can do that by grasping the body of the pineapple with one hand and use the other to grab the leaves at the base and twist them off. Make sure the base, the very tip of the area where the leaves are together, stays intact. the new roots will be sprouting from this, and without it the plant won't grow.

Remove off some of the lower leaves to expose the stem and put the pineapple crown in the water. The stem should be submerged in the water, and the leaves should stick out the top. You can stick toothpicks in the crown so the crown will not submerge completely in the water but stays higher on the edge of the glass.

Some new roots will come very soon, basically in a few days. 

   Plant the crown when the roots are a few inches long. Wait until they've gotten long enough to take root in soil.

  Keep the plant moist and warm as it needs a sunny, warm and humid environment. If conditions are dry, mist the plant regularly. You can also keep the pot outside if you live in a warm climate. If you have cool winters take it indoors during the winter season and keep it in a sunny window. It's important for the plant to get a lot of sun all year round.


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