Friday, September 18, 2015

Hungarian Food

Food, food and food

So here we are again in the food department. Everybody eats, everybody likes taking pictures, looking at videos of making and serving food all the time. I am one of them. Most of the people and accounts I follow on Instagram and Facebook are food bloggers or people who have gardens and that way somehow are connected to food and cooking. 
One of the things that we miss the most from Hungary is obviously the food. No matter what I cook here in Miami, it will unfortunately never taste or even look like what I might have made from the `same` (well, nothing is the same) ingredients in Hungary. 

The following pictures are some of the food, meals we created, assembled and then ate while we were in Hungary. I wrote the names and sometimes additional notes for mostly those who might not be completely familiar with the ingredients, the dish in the pictures or simply want to know more about Hungarian cuisine.

Simple vegetables from the garden with bread, cheese, Hungarian salami (the wider pieces) and Hungarian spicy, smoked sausage (the thinner ones).
*I just realized that there is a shot glass with homemade `palinka` from Erdely in the picture. Well, we drank a lot. There should be a shot glass in every picture...

We cooked the gulash outside in the backyard garden for hours.


We used beef but you can basically use any type of meat (except chicken and turkey because these cook too fast). Main ingredient were: beef shoulder and beef legs, potato, onion, carrot, leek, fresh parsley, Hungarian mix of spices and plenty of time and patience.

Preparation for roasting thick pork bacon on fire: thick pork belly bacon, tomatoes, red onions and white Hungarian peppers. 

White bread with everything. Literally.

We use the same firepit for all outside cooking. We roasted the pork belly bacon on open fire until the juices (liquid fat) started to slowly leave the piece of bacon. Then we kept `touching` the bread with the juicy bacon and flavored it with the smoked grease. I know it might sound `yucky` for some but believe me, it is delicious.


My husband`s creation: `lecso` with hot peppers and smoked Hungarian sausage.


Preparation for barbecue.

You can see that my husband is American. He always does barbecue for my family.

Now everyone is hungry enough so let`s not waste any more time looking at pictures. 
Go and eat something!

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  1. The best picture is the Lecso, made by Otto, I cannot stop laughing :-D :-D