Thursday, June 27, 2013

My New Friend

Let me introduce you my new lovely friend. 

His name is Coco, he is 3 years old and a real cutie. He is Otto's Mom's dog.
At first, he was not open towards me ( I guess he was jealous of me as he might be in love with Otto too...) but after a day or so, he became a sweet, little boy.

The funniest thing about him for me so far is that he can cover himself with a blanket so you can't even see him in his cage.

The other hilarious fact is that he never stops. The pictures you see here were taken in hours as I always had to wait for the best moment (second...) to take a proper picture of him.

So here he comes and sends lots of love to everyone from my side!

Ready to play???

A bit sleepy before the rain comes.

'Hey Agi, I'm watching tv with you, alright?'

The tv is boring. Your clothes interest me more...