Wednesday, June 26, 2013

From Miami

Hello Everyone,

I am already in Miami, arrived safely yesterday evening. The journey took nice 30-32 hours from Budapest but oh well, what can I say: it's worth it. :) I have all my three luggage and nothing got damaged!

My flight from Berlin to Miami. It took 10 hours of eating and drinking on the plane.

Somewhere over the Atlantic ocean.

Arriving soon in Miami.

The only bad thing (or two) was that the airport in Berlin (Tegel) was pretty small, they don't have wi-fi and their chairs were soo uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I had to wait 3 more hours for my connecting flight on top of the 13 (!) hours that I was aware of.

After almost 2 days of travelling I hit the ground and felt so tired and worn-out. I still do. I feel it in all my muscles but hopefully it will go away in a couple of days.

The weather is totally different compared to Hungary, and also compared to my first trip in February, 2010. Now it is much more humid but believe it or not: I like it! :)

Otto left for work in the morning but his Mom took a day off today so we did some grocery shopping and ate together. When we sat in the car at noon, it felt like sitting in a grill and a steamer....but the strange thing was that when we got to the supermarket, it was freezing cold. All in all, you have to be smart when you get dressed (as for me at least) because you can get cold so easily.

To be continued tomorrow...

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  1. I am happy that u got there safely!!! i was thinking of u lot!! take care and keep us up to date! Love xxx