Saturday, June 22, 2013

To pack or not to pack

The last couple of days before my trip should mean an extensive packing procedure. I say 'should' as in my case actually it is totally untrue.

I do hate packing.  

Yesterday I collected my strenght and patience, found the two huge luggage and the hand baggage that I will take and felt the 'now-or-never' feeling. This feeling lasted for approximately two hours which ended up with a huge sigh and a half-way-done packing. I still have to wrap, fold and put many things together but I feel a bit more relaxed afterwards.

I tried to take some photos of the steps of the funny procedure how the huge amounts of clothes fill out, or even fill in my room but looking at the pictures later I decided not to stress you. It is totally enough if I am stressed out! :) (Anyway, loads of clothes on the floor, on the chairs and on the table do not look so stunning.

Later I changed my mind and decided to take some memories with me in the form of nice flowers instead of posting pictures of ugly luggage in a messy room :)

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