Sunday, July 14, 2013

On the Way to New Orleans

We are back from New Orleans, Lousiana. It was wonderful!
I am going to have several post about our trip. I have already planned the thematical sequence of the blog posts that you will have in the upcoming days! :)

So, here is the first one: ON THE WAY TO NEW ORLEANS


The road we took from Miami to New Orleans. It took us about 14 hours.

It's us before leaving Miami. Sorry for the swollen eyes but it was still 6 in the morning.

We stopped at a Waffel House and had a huge, yummy breakfast. 

One of the stops we had. We felt exhausted, hot, hungry, thirtsy. It was boiling hot outside.

I juts liked the logo of the gas station.

Found some mushrooms in a park.

We are in Tallahassee!!!!!

Clouds are coming....

Towards Pensacola.

Hello Mississippi!

Hello Lousiana!

Seeing the sign after approximately 13 hours of driving. Such a good feeling.

The first views of the city. At last!

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