Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The National WWII Museum New Orleans

Today's post is about the WWII Museum in New Orleans. 

The museum was interesting. I was able to see the World War from the American and not the European perspective. Having some discount (due to the fact that Otto is a veteran) was a surprise, a nice one. Besides the many incredible rooms and things on display, I was totally amazed by something. Something that I have never seen before: old and disabled veterans were all around the museum as volunteers. Volunteers who have to stand all day and guard visitors for long hours. And they did it. Old men in wheelchairs who knows how many days a week. I am not used to this phenomenon. Because this is a phenomenon for me (at least now). They were nice, humble and very helpful, just like granddads who want to show every tiny bit to their grandchildren in order to make sure that the war is shown as really it was.

To be honest, it was the sad part of the day. Watching a movie about young and older people dieing far from their loved ones is never a funny eperience. But it is part of the truth or the we saw only the American side of the story that day.

Later that day we visited the Audubon Zoo too, so the sadder memories of mine were a bit faded after seeing various animals enjoying (or not so enjoying) the sunshine and the hot weather.

Photos taken in the museum:

There was a victory garden on display outside the museum. That was where women worked at home to help and support their husbands, sons, cousins, fathers who fought far away on an unknown land.


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