Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Food We Ate and Drinks We Drank in New Orleans

Here I am again with a new topic: Food We Ate and Drinks We Drank in New Orleans.
You can see how we enjoyed our stay in Lousiana while we were eating bayou and Southern food.
I can take credit only for the pictures. Choosing the food, reading about food and drinks before trips is always Otto's task. He loves doing it. He is a marvellous gourmet person. He has been working in a restaurant and been involved in its everyday life for about 12 years. So you can imagine how our restaurant hunting goes when we go out or when we are on a holiday. (Sometimes it is really overwhelming for me, to be honest. Imagine: we are literally starving, having a headache and still....walking and searching for the spot he had already choosen two weeks ago when we started to plan our holiday...but in the end, the food is very good (most of the time) and I always forgive for the extra two-hour walking.)

I wish you were there with us eating. Unfortunately, I can't show you how they smelled and tasted but I can show you how they looked like.

Enjoy! Bon visual apetite!

American coffee. Light but just enough to drink it in the morning.

American breakfast. Waffle for ME!!!!! I love it.

THE pack.

Mint flavored M&Ms. :)

Gumbo, a spicy one.

Cajun jambalaya. Hot stuff.

Gumbo and a po'boy.

Oyster. I never ate this and I never will. This was Otto's.

American breakfast. Enough for a whole day (as for me).

Beignet, a New Orleans treat.

Homemade lemonade for me.

Alligator as an appetizer.

Pork cheek with mango.

Gumbo soup.

Liver with pepper jelly.

Liver balls with rice.

Gumbo soup.

American breakfast. For the last time. Promise.

Southern style bread pudding.

Beer for Otto.

My breakfast: veggie burger with salad on the side.

Otto's breakfast: beef with fried potato and biscuits.

Deep fried Oreos. Yes, they are.

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