Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DIY project: painting a bedcover

Hello Everyone,

Let`s see what we have today.

I am showing you how to make your own stamp and use it on the cover sheet on your bed.

This time: blue fabric paint.

This is how DIY stamp looks like.

Your `best friend`, the foam brush.

Painting, step-by-step, row-by-row. The key is patience.

And the result.


1. Choose the sheet you wish to paint, wash it, dry it but do not use softener. You can iron it depending on the fabric. As you can see, I skipped that step.

2. Choose a stamp/pattern you think will be perfect for you. 

How to make your own stamp:

You can make your own stamp yourself. What you need is: a hard cube (I used a wooden cube that I bought in a hobby shop), some strong liquid glue and a foam sheet.
Your foam sheet doesn`t have to be thick. I found a pretty thin one but I used two layers, so my stamp is more efficient.
So what you need to do is, get the wooden cube and the glue, cut out a shape that you would like to stamp with (it can`t be bigger than the surface of the cube you stick it to). Glue the shape to the cube and wait until it fully dries. I cut out a square shape to start with and I was truly satisfied with the result. I recommend you to cut out simple shapes such as a triangle, a star, a square or a round shaped or oval pattern.

The following steps are the same as with the hand-painted pillowcase.

Important: make sure you put at least one layer of newspaper on the surface you paint the sheet on. I used newspaper and I still had a hard time removing the fabric paint from the table as the sheets of the newspaper were sliding on the wooden table. :(


  1. and what will happen to the sheet when u wash it? i mean about the paint? will not come out?

  2. You can wash them and no damage will happen. I washed mine twice and it stays the same.