Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DIY project: painting a pillowcase

Another DIY project that I want to share with you is how I painted a nice pillowcase recently.
It is easy (believe me!) and I am sure anyone can do it with some free time and creativity.

I used almost the same tools as I applied when I remade the wall board frame

It is fun and most importantly: rewarding.

I bought stamps in Michaels

You can make your own stamp, I will show you how next time!

Again: a huge selection of brushes is essential.

I decided to use the birdcage pattern because it is big enough to decorate and remake a traditional size pillowcase.

The color now is green, and the brush is a foamy brush this time. This type of brush helps you to cover the surface (this time your stamp) evenly and thoroughly.

The first rows on the pillowcase...

... and some more.

How it looks like in our home.

Patter from a closer look with natural light.



1. Choose the pillowcase you wish to paint, wash it, dry it but do not use softener. You can iron it depending on the fabric.

2. Choose a stamp/pattern you think will be perfect for you. 

3. Choose the color and prepare some water and a dry piece of towel that you will use to clean the brush when needed. 

4. Choose a brush. I highly recommend a foam brush (you can make it yourself too) as it helps you to cover the surface evenly and paint will not be dripping.

5. Important: make sure you put at least one layer of newspaper in the pillowcase so your pattern or its parts will not show on the other side of the pillow (that is ugly) or on the table you paint the fabric on. 

6. Cover the stamp with paint, make sure the paint is not dripping and stamp your fabric. Do not be scared of it, if you are not comfortable and feel you will mess it up then I recommend you to try it first on a piece of cloth that you do not use.

6. Have fun AGAIN! :)

PS: I think this DIY project can be a nice Thanksgiving or Christmas present. You will have plenty of time to practice until then. :)

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