Saturday, October 12, 2013

Garage sale gems - Pros and cons of garage sales

Some weeks ago we decided to drive some and find garage sales at the weekend. I like thrift stores but that time I was a bit sceptical that we would find something nice or something we actually need (as I really did not want to buy some good-looking useless stuff).

What I learnt from two weekends of garage sale experience:

- you have to go early in the morning
- you can find a good bargain when you least expect it
- sometimes people want to sell their oldest, worst, broken things for an expensive price
- I still don`t understand why they think somebody will buy a doll without one of its legs...
- ...or a table with the same `qualities`
- occasionally you drive some miles and what you find at the garage sale is an empty table (still in the morning :( )
- however, if you are lucky and you look for quality products, you can dig out pretty nice objects

Here are some things we found (and actually needed too):

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