Monday, October 21, 2013

DIY project: decoration of a wall board

Today I will show you how I decorated an old, plain wall board by using some nice multi-functional fabric paint.

The plain wall board before the remake.

The paint I used.

Plenty of brushes to choose from.

The brush I painted with.


Some water is essential too.


Some paint...and we can start.


Pattern: straight, wide lines.

 I wanted to hide some bad parts of the frame.

   With the first coat of paint.

How it looks like after putting the second coat on.

You really don`t have to do a lot of things here.

1. Basically, you should clean the surface (the frame) with a wet and then a dry towel.

2. Choose a paintbrush you think will be the right size for you (it depends on what pattern you really want).

3. Choose the color and prepare some water and a dry piece of towel that you will use to clean the brush and/or the table, your hand and who knows what else. :) 

4. You can create a wavy, straight, pointed..etc pattern with your brush. 
(I painted the frame with a straight and wide pattern that made the board look wider.)

5. Make sure you wait 10-15 minutes before you put the second layer of paint on the surface.

6. Have fun!


  1. u r such a creative girl! U r amazing, honestly! i hope u feel better now, miss u xxx