Saturday, October 26, 2013

Plant update - End of October

Dear Everyone,

I think it is time to have a plant update as November is approaching fast. Here there is no real change in the weather, we have hot, humid, sunny days. As for this weekend, the temperature is a bit lower than average, so I can keep the window and the balcony door open all day.

It seems the plants love this climate and this temperature is just fine for them in this season.

They say `hi` to You from the sunny balcony in Coral Gables.

Brunfelsia plicata (I hope I found the correct name of this plant).

Marigolds. Proud marigolds.

Basil plants.

Little lemon trees.

New members of the family: different types of lettuce.

Tomato plants after planting them in containers.

Marjoram. So cute.

Dill, growing strong.

I had to wait a lot for them but now they seem to grow a bit faster. They are my violas.

Avocado trees.

Hot peppers. Replanting is coming soon.

Mamey tree.