Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My new friend

Hello Everyone,

Let me introduce you my new friend, my Singer sewing machine. I just got it today from my husband. What a great present! I can`t wait to start doing new projects that have been stored in my head for a long time. I need some additional tools, fabric and thread but you know what...I am already super excited to sew!!!!!


  1. congratulations Agi! I got one from my dear Grandmum but i dont know how to use it :) i am not good in sewing :( miss u a lot xxx

  2. Yes, it can be tricky sometimes and it takes time before you feel confident working with it. I miss you a lot too!!!!

  3. Well, Reda's opinion: "how comes that a woman cannot sew?" my answer was: f..k off :-D