Thursday, January 14, 2016

Projects for 2016

My first project journal

A couple of weeks ago I visited a local Barnes and Noble store and looked for new books, inspirations, ideas. I found many fresh titles and interesting new authors when I accidentally took a look at a display filled with motivational books. One of them was a journal for the new year full of great listing features for plans that you can jot down on a daily or maybe on a weekly basis. It gave me the idea right there to check some popular websites for more books/journals in the same topic. I know that many hundreds of these books exist, some of them worth buying them, some of them not so much. I did quick research and read many reviews and after I came home, I decided to order one. This is the first journal of mine (besides diaries that I wrote when I was a teenager). 

I got the journal a couple of days ago, and I cannot be happier with it. It is The 52 Lists Project. 

The journal has a hashtag community (#52listsproject) and the writer of the journal has her own Instagram page @mooreaseal so if you are interested, you can check her and the community out to get more inspiration.

The book has 4 bigger sections based on the seasons of the calendar year. My favorites are the spring and the fall chapters. All the photos are gorgeous and somehow calming and mind settling. (The picture above with the deers truly reminds me of so many trips with school and with my family to the Matra and the Bukk mountains in Hungary.)

Each chapter has many subchapters (lists) where following the instructions, you can list as many ideas as many you can just think of. You definitely have plenty of space. First, I got kind of intimidated by the almost 2 page long space, but I was actually able to fill more than one page at a time without overthinking the ideas and plans.

Some of the most inspirational lists in my opinion are:

- List the ways you love to have fun.
- List the things you should ignore.
- List your essentials.
- List your favorite places you have been.
- List the qualities you admire most in others.
- List the ways you can love yourself more.
- List your top twenty mood-boosting songs.
- List the things that make you peaceful.
- List your accomplishments.
- List your favorite books.

After every list you are provided with a little take-action motivation part which encourages you to literally take action based on the list you have just created. It was highly inspirational for me and gave me additional ideas of how to implement changes in my everyday life without making a huge fuss about life spinning decisions and I can take one step at a time. 

So have fun making lists and getting inspiration in your everyday life!

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