Monday, July 11, 2016

My Journey with Whole30

Whole 30

I have never ever followed any diet in my life. I was skinny, mostly too skinny all my life. Since I moved to the US, our (mostly my) eating habits changed for the worse. It was so easy to skip cooking and do a take-out or just simply hop in the car and sit in a restaurant...and worst of the worst: do a drive through.

First, when I started to put on some weight it made me happy as it was almost impossible before (besides those chocolate and pizza eating months in England back in 2008-2009). Then I came to a realization that I should probably pay more attention to our eating habits and that now is the time to change and shake things up over 30.

I came across the Whole 30 diet years ago, but it never really interested me as I haven`t really looked into dieting and always thought that it is solely to loose weight. A couple of weeks ago I was reading posts on Instagram and I read about the Whole 30 in a post that caught my attention and I started to do some serious reading about it. I became more and more interested and I turned to Pinterest and looked for Whole 30 recipes. I was shocked how easy and natural the recipes were and how close it brings you to healthy and nutritious way of eating that we tend to forget due to our busy lives.

I am not going to go into very specific details of the diet as you can read so much about it on the internet. Let`s just say that it takes 30 days without dairy, legumes, grains, bread and pasta...oh, and without sugar!!!

I just finished the 30 days with my husband and I feel like a different person. No joke. Changed my relationship with food, cooking and reconnected me with my kitchen and healthy recipes. I am not saying that I won`t be eating sugar, bread or delicious pasta but I will be more conscious about my choices as those 30 days allowed me to see the better of me.

Here are some pictures to demonstrate that not all diets are painful:

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